see us live on stage

26 june

weekend 4 moria | innsbruck

3 july

fest'chen der vielfalt | innsbruck

17 july

poolbar festival | feldkirch

23 july

john montagu | innsbruck

25 july

der hausberg hat den blues | innsbruck

13 august

innside music | altstadt innsbruck

10 / 11 / 12 september

roma buskers festival | rome

18 september

rainboktoberfest | innsbruck

24 september

gans anders festival | ampass

27 september

sixtytwenty | innsbruck

1 october

shopping night | innsbruck

22 october

fridays for future | innsbruck

15 november

treibhaus (supporting ida nielsen) | innsbruck

17 november

gritsch bar | innsbruck

more shows tba.



It’s been 1 year and Moreland has already completed its debut album called "Letters", which is an emotional rollercoaster. Dwight‘s very unique religious upbringing and a life-changing predicament associated with his exit from it has truly inspired many of the penned lyrics for Moreland‘s work. But, let’s be clear - the Moreland story is not a sad and somber one. It’s a story of Fun, Emotion, and most of all LOVE.

on stage

live in innsbruck

we played some songs for "weekend 4 moria" on the streets of innsbruck

live in innsbruck

playing on top of the mountains in austria surrounded by wonderful people

music videos

cold blooded love

a dramatic and soulful story about a young boy seeking for love

four walled room

crazy times cause crazy situations


gin & soul

we’re taking Moreland to the next Level with our very first episode of „Gin and Soul“

behind the scenes

we let the camera roll and filmed what happens behind the curtain of Moreland