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devil's eyes

Feel the heat, embrace the thrill, and look deep into „Devil’s Eyes“—where the line between passion and peril is as thin as a whisper.


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Hailing from Innsbruck & Atlanta, led by charismatic frontman Dwight Moreland Jr. (USA), whose powerful yet heartfelt vocals are sure to get everyone on their feet – bringing music filled with razor-sharp grooves and buttery soft melodies.

Whether they’re playing original songs or paying homage to legends like James Brown and Marvin Gaye, Moreland’s music is all about celebrating, dancing, and having a funky good time.

Moreland’s reputation for electrifying live performances has only grown as they’ve taken the stage at renowned festivals such as Jazzfestival Saalfelden, the New Orleans Festival in Innsbruck, or the Poolbar Festival in Feldkirch.

Moreland has captivated fans with sold-out shows in Barcelona and London, showcasing their electrifying performances. In 2024, they’re set to release „Overdrive„, an album rich with passionate grooves, and the compelling music video for „Devil’s Eyes„.


see us live on stage

2 march

cloud 9 | innsbruck

21 march

STEREO covent garden | london

22 march

jamboree jazz club | barcelona

23 march

jamboree jazz club | barcelona

3 august

stadtfest schwaz | schwaz

10 august

bourbon street festival | fieberbrunn

more shows tba.


see us live on stage

shows to be announced soon.



The release of "Overdrive" marks a pivotal moment in Dwight's career, showcasing his growth not only as a musician but as a storyteller capable of conveying a spectrum of emotions, from raw vulnerability to triumphant strength. This album, in particular, takes listeners on a journey through the emotional peaks and valleys of Dwight's life, offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of an artist who has weathered storms and emerged stronger.

on stage

live at the new orleans festival in innsbruck

we played a crowded show with our full band at the new orleans festival 2022

live at treibhaus innsbruck

One of our favorite clubs in innsbruck: the treibhaus

live in innsbruck

we played some songs for "weekend 4 moria" on the streets of innsbruck

live in innsbruck

playing on top of the mountains in austria surrounded by wonderful people

music videos

cold blooded love

a dramatic and soulful story about a young boy seeking for love

four walled room

crazy times cause crazy situations


gin & soul

we’re taking Moreland to the next Level with our very first episode of „Gin and Soul“

behind the scenes

we let the camera roll and filmed what happens behind the curtain of Moreland